US money market ETFs

You might be interested in the BOXX etf. It‘s basically t-bills, but 100% tax free for us in Switzerland.

You get t-bill return but tax free.


Thanks. Interesting!

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Which T-Bill ETF would that be if I may ask?

100% tax free and 5% yield :astonished: What’s the catch here? I see only the USD currency as downside but I must be missing something…

That is the only risk I see - short term currency fluctuations.

In that case it looks like a good placeholder for USD money waiting short-term to be invested. I wonder if this 5% yield is sort of constant or if it can variate over longer time.

This explains how it works, you should get close to risk free rate in USD. IMO there might be some extra risk if financial markets are becoming wild, but might be worth the risk.

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Any chances to read this article without paying or having to register? usually works around those.


Don’t shoot me for the dumb question… How exactly does the tax free part work?

In essence it‘s using options to generate longterm capital gains and accumulating them in the fund.
These are tax free in Switzerland.

It‘s also already in ictax and no taxes to pay :slight_smile:


To know how exactly it works see the bloomberg link @nabalzbhf posted above. You might also want to check the official document here:

I believe it’s only interesting if someone has USD to invest. Converting from CHF to USD to invest in money market fund would expose you to a significant currency risk. Long term investing in money markets of foreign currency should not be expected to give higher returns versus the money markets of local currency unless the investment fees makes the difference.

However regarding the tax free part - if it’s based on options, most likely it brings another type of risk as well.

The tax free part is really the differentiator here.

It‘s actually also very very safe what they do. Read the Bloomberg article to judge it. It‘s not too far off in safety from just straight t-bills.

It still relies on a few things being deemed too big too fail, and not having weird stuff happen to option market in times of crisis. But yeah should still be pretty safe.

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