Urgent: 2020 was all B permit(almost), tax deducted at source, but now they want me to declare tax for 2020? Geneva

I was about to submit my “demande de rectification” for 2020 tax deducted at source, but when I click it tells me “Un formulaire de déclaration fiscale des personnes physiques vous a été envoyé, dès lors une demande de rectification n’est plus possible.” (A personal tax declaration form has been sent to you, therefore a request for rectification is no longer possible)

What a surprise! I didn’t expect that they allow me to connect to the same old online platform but not to click the button any more! I feel frustrated because I only got my C permit in mid December and my December tax was already deducted at soruce by my employer(and obviously the same for my previous months’ taxes), they can’t let me to have the same old procedure for 2020?

Do you think there is a way that they could allow me to do the old demande de rectification d’impot for 2020 and only start declare tax for 2021? There seems to have 2 phone numbers but I am a bit worried because it then depends if they are helpful, Tax authrity in Geneva seems to have poor Google reviews

No chances I think. Your status at the end of the year is what is relevant.



Your situation on December 31st prevails for all the fiscal year. There is no difference if you get your C permit in May or December. Having received your C permit on December 2020, you must fill in a Geneva tax return for all 2020. The tax at source already paid will be deducted from your final tax bill.

If you are still taxed at source by your employer, you should inform them about your C permit as soon as possible. They must stop the withholding.

Separately, I would recommend you to complete the form to determine your monthly tax instalments (demande d’acomptes).


Merci Guillaume, 1. by “Geneva tax return”, do you mean “Declaration fiscale 2020”?

  1. do you think they will help me if I go to the tax office tomorrow morning with all my docs?

  2. then what about those costs that I decided to not input for “demande de rectification” as they are included in the implicit lumpsum with “bareme 2020” now? please refer to this thread I created 2 days ago,
    Geneva tax deduction - work in another canton - last year B permit

thanks, but what do they gain by making my life complicated? :sweat_smile:

Yes I do.

When filing a tax return you can opt for the effective cost or lump sum (as per the Geneva tax guide).

If you traveled back to Geneva every weekend, the deduction of the sub-renting may be deductible in Geneva. However, they will most likely ask for documentation, such as sub-rental agreement. If you paid cash or by wire transfer with no specific reference, it will be difficult to prove. For Airbnb is difficult to say as it was only temporary.

Transportation will be capped to CHF 500/year (cantonal tax law).

As mentioned by sammiz in the other post, you should run some calculations with the different options/deductions.

If the tax authorities do not agree with a deduction you ask for, they will update the figures and will provide you with the explanations together with the tax bill. You will have the 30 days to place an appeal.

avec mon autre thread, vu que je croayais que je pouvais toujours faire la demande de rectification d’impot comme avant. J’ai deja decide de ne pas entrer les couts reels. apres avoir compare.

Mais maintenant vu que je suis oblige de faire la declaration fiscale, comment je fais avec ces couts? Je ne connais rien pour la declaration fiscale et cela serait beaucoup plus simple s’ils me permettent de continuer a faire comme avant pour 2020…

This is actually great for you. It happened to me with my declaration in 2019. They returned me (now in March 2021) all the Quellensteuer I paid.
Until June 2019 I paid 12k approx in Quellensteuer
I declared the full year 2019 with my partner and we finally paid together 11k

6 months alone: 12k
12 months together: 11k

It took us some time to receive back the taxes, but it’s not that bad. That was in Aargau, probably it’s similar in Geneva


Maybe you should work with a good tax advisor this year. It’ll help for your next tax return, you’ll have a good basis.

Declare or not. The tax return can offer more options than the tax at source system. Download GEtax2020 and run different scenarios. Choose the best option for you in term of deductions and final taxes due.

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Merci, pensez-vous que je peux essayer de venir sur place dans leurs local demain matin avec tous mes documents?

Possible mais avec 1kg de papier et des feuilles dans tous les sens, ils ne pourront pas faire grand chose. Le plus facile est de les appeler ou d’aller voir une fiduciaire pour discussion.

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