Up-to-date information on Vanguard FTSE All-World?

Good morning!
It bugs me a bit that Vanguard provides vital information on their ETFs with a considerable time lag (while iShares publishes daily up-to-date information).
For example, on January 14, the official pages still contain the regional exposure and holding details as of November 31, 2021.
Do you know if there are sources that provide this information in a more timely manner?
Many thanks!

If the fund provider doesn’t publish the data, I doubt you can find it easily elsewhere.

They are probably working on their semi annual report (Dec 31) and will update the information once done.

I agree that daily or weekly reporting would be preferable and superior to less current reporting.

That said, I can‘t see why one should be bothered that about it? These compositions hardly change over the short term anyway. At least not in any meaningful way, that is. What are you going to do with the (more current) information anyway? It‘s not as if you day-traded that fund, is it? If you trade that fund more than every couple of weeks (or rather months), you should use another security and/or underlying than that.


Thanks, it’s indeed no big deal.
I am using this data only to compute the regional exposure in my ETF portfolio (as VWRD contains a certain percentage of Swiss stocks) and to calculate the composition of my portfolio in terms of individual stocks (just for fun). No trading though.

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