Unknown bill poursuite to pay

Hi guys,

I received a surprised Poursuite from office des poursuites in Geneva.
I just got a bill number and that’s it. No company name or people to contact.
My wife and I checked all recent bills and things to pay but nothing came out.

I will contact the office tomorrow but wondering if you have been in this situation before.

Next step will be to contest it as I have no detail about it.
Any experience ?

Any chance it’s a scam?

In any case, I will contact the office to clarify the situation. Nor would I make the payment. If it’s an official body, you will in any case receive a reminder (at the very least) before any further action is taken. That gives you time to sort things out.

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Anybody can seize the office, provided a small fee, without need to prove their cause. Companies usually send a reminder before launching a procedure so if you didn’t receive something recently, I would find it weird. We do tend to forget things at time, so that is not to say that the request isn’t legitimate (though there are high chances it is).

When I did receive such a notice, in Wallis, it had a one line mention of the reason for it. I knew what it was relating to, so it was explicit enough for me. I would contact the office to enquire about the nature of the claim, as well as who filed it, and not worry about it until then.

Edit: when I say not worry, you do need to oppose the bill if it isn’t legitimate, so I would contact the office immediately, which is what you have planned to do, so all is well.


The office will not help much as they only have the information they put on the commandement de payer.
On the top left of the commandement de payer, you have the créancier name. It’s better to contact him instead of the office and ask about the original bill, etc. etc. Also, if the bill is ok, pay it directly, don’t pay to the office, you will have more fees.

Friendly reminder: you ONLY have 10 days (starting today) to contest the « commandement de payer ».

Also, it happens that some of these « commandement de payer » are scam. If you contest it, your opponent need to trial the court :slight_smile:


I called the office and they were helpful.
I haven’t waited long as well.

The bill was addressed to myself but he must be paid by another company that was checking my records.

Some worrisome about nothing.
I prefer to pay on time but with a newborn and lack of sleep everything was possible :sweat_smile: