Unemployment Service


I just got fired from the company where I work. The official reasons is economical reasons.

I am in a manager position (100k+/year/gross) since 18 months and have been working in the company for 36 months.

I have 3 months of notice period and I am on permit B.

Asking those questions because I would like to know if someone has some information about how the unemployment service is handled:

Do I have to do anything during those 3 months of notice to be sure to have the unemployment service ?

How easy is to refuse works that will be proposed by the unemployment service that are not in the industry where I work?

How easy is to refuse works proposed by the unemployment service that will be less paid that my previous salary ?

Is there a possibility to get courses or formation from the unemployment service meanwhile I search for a new job ?

Thanks for your help and service

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Hi Eluriana,

You have to start searching for a new job as soon as you know you will be unemployed. In my case (when I was between studies and my first job), they requested 10 documented applications per month if I remember correctly, which could be less if/when I was partially employed, down to a minimum of 3).

In my experience, they are not very qualified to help people with specialized skills so they’d mainly rely on you to do your searches and aim at jobs that you are qualified for. They wouldn’t come to you with situations like “hey, we’ve got this great position you should apply for!” that they would then force you to accept. Of course, with time, there are less and less relevant positions/companies where we can apply so you’ll have to think of a backup plan with time. It’s possible to send applications hoping not to be hired but it can backfire and you may end up being hired anyway (some companies have very poor HR departments) so you’d have to be prepared for that situation.

It is but they won’t offer/pay for just anything, you’d have to justify that the relevant knowledge/skill does help your employability and even then, I would guess many kinds of training would not pass the test.

For more accurate information regarding the legalities/procedures in regards to unemployment: Unemployment in Switzerland


A training in a national language is a good candidate to be approved, if you need one.