UBS - Home office

Hello here,

I have the opportunity to discuss an open position at the UBS in Zurich (IT department).

Do you know if they are allowing « work from home » ?

A question for your interview?


From colleagues I know that they can do part-time home office, but not 100%. As mentioned, ask in the interview.

Also from a Mustachian POV someone else on this forum mentioned that you can’t have an external portfolio and you need to transfer all your equities to UBS when working there. This info might be outdated.

Yes but before starting the all process I want to make sure they still have an open policy for home office. 1 or 2 days per week.

Are there compliance reasons for this? I have heard that this is normal for consultants, but I am surprised that this also applies to other employees.

Are there compliance reasons for this?

Isn’t it to avoid internal trading?

For everybody that works for UBS Switzerland AG. Even the woman cleaning the toilets.

I have a friend that works at UBS in IT and can do 1-2 days WFH but only in Switzerland.
You cannot take your laptop and start it outside of Switzerland.
Apparently they got warning when you connect from another country.
It could be a reason to terminate your contract if working remotely outside of Switzerland.

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