UBS cut ETF fees!

Nice unexpected Christmas gift from UBS

The MSCI World is now at 0.1% TER!
So do the SPI wich is like the Ishares version

See the news fees here:

UBS ETF fees


Not the ones I am looking for (SPMCHA, F1ESG), so just the ones where they had too much competition?

Thanks! This is nice.

I guess no change in the custody fees?!

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Nothing to announce at the moment, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a communication comes out (or the price list is updated) at the beginning of the year.

What would be their motivation to drop fees for the others? :man_shrugging:t2:

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Well, now that they own CS, they have economy of scale, so I guess their first thought would be to let the customer profit of that, naturally :yum:

This is quite cheap. Would be nice to see what are the custodian fees…

0.35%, and 1% on each transaction - these are unchanged.
Edit: 0.2% on “specific UBS Investment Strategy Funds”.

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Transaction fee, for funds with astronomical TER?

No that’s the custody fees for some of the UBS funds (don’t know which ones), if held in a UBS account as far as I understand it. UBS also dropped the TERs on many of their funds, which can be found on the first post of this thread.

The transaction costs are here, and they are very high which is why I’ve stopped buying in UBS for a while now.