UBS Cost for Stock trading

Anyone has a rough idea how much it costs to open an e-trading account with UBS? I have some stocks with them (!) but it’s been years that I don’t do anything with them, so my etrading account is closed.
How much would it costs to open a current account, open the etrading and sell my stocks?

Note: the account on itself it’s of course always open, it’s the platform that I don’t have anymore and I wondered how much it costs.

I’m in the process of opening a new e-trading account with UBS for a relative who wants a “big Swiss bank”.
I only see the 0.35% depot fee p.a. and the usual trading costs, for which there is a discount if you trade via internet banking as opposed to by phone/letter.
The current account “internet” is Fr 3 p.m. (no paper) and “traditional” Fr 5 p.m. (they send you paper statements).
The platform is free AFAIK.

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Oh, man, this is giving me PTSD from when I was stupid enough to use UBS for stocks… I ended up paying 108 CHF per stock to transfer them to IB because that was cheaper than selling on UBS! :cold_sweat:

You can find all the price-gouging here.


Thats the same price when you want to transfer it from postfinance to IB.

Postfinance or Swissquote are too small?

Depending on the sum in question, maybe it’s possible to make a deal with UBS and agree on a different price than what’s on their price list?

If you are reading this, you probably don’t have enough to make a deal with them.

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I know somebody who does have a deal with them. But I don’t know how he got it. Maybe he’s way richer than I thought! :smiley:

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