Two Doctors in CH, financial pants down, any comments welcome!


Where I live I can’t afford even a smallish garden if I want to FIRE.
What you describe feels like a good way to spend the time when retired though. I suppose that might be what people in this forum might do, especially because here “we” seems more concentrated on how to get enough money to FIRE and then relax (or at least the balance is more on the money side).

Regarding traveling, I always thought that if I travel a lot, I need a small apartment here, not a plot of land. I suppose it might be a matter of budget (I’m not two doctors, after all :slight_smile: )

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Hi @ma0, I will agree - it does depend on where you live. But I do have two little remarks:

  1. the two of us make around 90k combined, and this includes our side business and dividends (!), so definitely not the typical 2 doctors scenario with boatloads of money - we work very part-time in CH and live part time in Greece, where anyone can afford to have our garden!
  2. if you are trying to FIRE as soon as possible and relax “then”, well, I don’t know how well that works. We believe in a more gradual process (also for psychological reasons), and are still both working part-time but far more relaxed than we were a few years ago. So we are part-RE, even if still quite a few years from fully FI.
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I believe you still have a tiny little advantage. You do know that if something goes wrong, you can still work more to earn more.That is definitely something not to under valuate.

Regarding your point 2. Well. you can read on this forum what people do. I believe you are right, but everyone has his own balance.

Yes, please don’t think I am complaining about our finances - this has been a conscious decision and we 100% realise we could be making far more money. But we are happy with our life right now compared to being constantly burned out a few years back by 100-hour weeks. I was only making a neutral observation of the numbers in the sense that if it would suit your situation to use geo-arbitrage early on, you don’t need as many zero’s of income to reach a good life situation and, say, enjoy having a garden and time with your children before they leave the house :wink:!