Travel insurance?

I think you have to take into consideration the basic bank fee of 8.- per month.
So add 96.- to the 72.- for the insurance.
168.- seems to me to be a good deal. I have no experience with UBS travel insurance, but for the price it seems right.

I have been super satisfied with Helvetia. Costs around 100/year.

I am already with UBS, so no change to that.
But a fair point.

Get this insurance, another CHF 72 p.a. is nothing. They are pretty good.

I am with Viseca Platinum, but the Gold one would be more than sufficient. I can recommend the article/video from Kassensturz regarding the insurance covering of various credit cards:

You can get the Viseca Gold more cheaply with any Kantonalbank package.

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I have the Std Viseca, it was the best travel protection I had in COVID. I also had TCS Livret based on recommendations and they tried to screw me (already posted somewhere here). The Viseca/VISA team though was super service orientated and paid super fast. So my experience with them was also good. Not sure i’d only rely on it for a hardcore trip but good for std stuff.

Disclaimer1: fine print is important as always though, they only cover costs for the same household, so when travelling/making reservations, never try to pay for someone else to optimise organisation (i.e. one family books all the plane tickets and the other family books hotels)
it won’t be covered.

Disclaimer2: I did see that they removed anything “pandemic/endemic related cause” from their coverage though, so as far as that is concerned it will be less protection in the future.

if you’re travelling for a long time world nomads is pretty good