Travel Health Insurance

Neat. Might even be worth to keep it.

Most supplementary heath insurance policies have travel medical emergency insurance - it’s pretty much of a basic coverage which nearly all of them include. Of course, the exact cover you get varies. Anyone who has supplementary health insurance should check that first to see if they already have travel medical insurance included, before getting additional insurance.

@Bojack I am facing the same situation this.
How did it go with Visana?
No extra charges ?

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I didn’t go eventually, due to a certain virus that was paralysing international travel during that time.


Hey funnydjo did you find anything better? Same situation here :slight_smile:

I didn’t chose any for this trip. I bought my plane ticket with a credit card and thought of using the Repatriation in case of issue.

However next year I will definitely buy one and certainly go with Assura complementary travel insurance (9chf / month for 5 years.). It will gave us (and my father-in-law) the piece of mind.

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