Transferring USD to Swissquote


Does anybody can give me an advise on how to transfer USD from Transferwise/Wise to Swissquote (in USD without conversion) including details in how to fill out the mask in Transferwise/Wise (if i take Swissquote support advice the USD-account bank is in New York and Transferwise/Wiese gives an error message that US-territory is not possible…? Or do you have only a CHF account in Swissqoute?

Main goal:

  • I only want to transfer USD to Swissquote without much currency conversion costs
  • Means: CH-account to Transferwiese/Wise in CHF; Transferwise/Wise CHF/USD conversion; Sending from Transferwise/Wise USD to Swissquote; Amount is available 1:1 in Swissquote account

Thank you very much for your help.

With Swissquote you have one account number (IBAN), one main currency and multiple other internal accounts. If you have a USD account (and I believe USD/EUR/CHF is standard), then incoming USD will be put on that account. Only if you don’t have a USD account at Swissquote it would be converted into the main currency.

Have someone already sent USD from Swissquote to IB. What are the fees?

“Your bank or other banks the money passes through on the way may also charge you a fee, so your recipient might get less. These fees tend to be around 0–50 USD, but there’s no way for us to know what they’ll be in advance.” (Wise)

EDIT: Actually, they seem to be offering the option to send it as an OUR transfer now (sender pays all fees). Though not free.

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