Transferring USD to IB


I have a USD account on Postfinance I have been meaning to invest, I was looking into transferring these USD to my IB account. However, when I go into the transfer area in IB, I see that USD is sent to a US bank - is this the best way to transfer the money and does anyone have any experience if there are any fees transferring USD from a Swiss account to your IB account?


Yes, probably $20-30. Should’ve kept that money on a US bank/broker account, then ACH would have been free and they’d pay you interest instead of stealing it from you


I did so when I moved from Swissquote to IB and paid USD 2
At post finance it seems to be CHF 12 but you may want to look it up yourself


:grimacing: I still have the same long-overdue “problem” on my To-Do List, although my $ are coming from a Swiss bank (not Pf).


Through Migros Bank it costed me 10 USD to transfer ca. 15k