Transferring USD to IB

I have a USD account on Postfinance I have been meaning to invest, I was looking into transferring these USD to my IB account. However, when I go into the transfer area in IB, I see that USD is sent to a US bank - is this the best way to transfer the money and does anyone have any experience if there are any fees transferring USD from a Swiss account to your IB account?

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Yes, probably $20-30. Should’ve kept that money on a US bank/broker account, then ACH would have been free and they’d pay you interest instead of stealing it from you

I did so when I moved from Swissquote to IB and paid USD 2
At post finance it seems to be CHF 12 but you may want to look it up yourself

:grimacing: I still have the same long-overdue “problem” on my To-Do List, although my $ are coming from a Swiss bank (not Pf).

Through Migros Bank it costed me 10 USD to transfer ca. 15k

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Hi all. I am in similar situation described in the OP.
I need to transfer USD I have on SWISS accounts to IB.

Somebody earlier mentioned from swissquote it’s just 2chf but looking at their pricing it should be 10chf.
Moreover, I guess in any case it needs to be a swift transfer, correct?
If so, isn’t there the risk that some intermediary banks takes additional fees.
It did happen to me when I was transferring money from US account to Swiss accounts…
Is there any other way? For example, does tw or revolut accept USD deposits via IBAN?
Or any other ideas?

They do, but it will be an international SWIFT transfer nevertheless (to IBAN account at Barclays UK).
Even if it were within Switzerland, it wouldn’t be “free” like a domestic transfer.