Transferring savings to Switzerland

Hello dear community,

I would like to transfer all my savings in euros from my bank in Italy (and then close the account) to my BCGE account.
Ideally I would like to keep them in euro and invest in euro, to avoid fx losses.
Has anyone gone trough a similar path?

Why would you have fx loss? Can’t you go through a 3rd party to convert (wise, revolut, ib, etc.)

the CHF is strong right now, so I’d rather keep the savings in euro for the time being

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If you truly believe that, you should make money out of it rather than sitting on your EUR.

If you wanted to invest the EUR, remember that the currency you’re using to invest doesn’t matter (if you buy apples, doesn’t matter if you paid EUR or CHF, you now have apples).


If you have a EUR account at BCGE, nothing easier than that: You just make a normal SEPA bank transfer to your Swiss account.

Did you ask BCGE if you can do so with them? (I.e. buy - supposedly - securities directly with funds from your EUR account with them, without currency conversion)?

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