Transferring Money into Exchange


What is the cheapest way to transfer USD into the Exchange?
Essentially the steps are to convert CHF to USD then send via SWIFT to a US bank account.
The conversion part can be around 1-2% depending on one’s bank, and the payment abroad should be a few CHF.

Neither Revolut nor Wise are permitted to fund the account, according to this source:
USDC Global Bank Transfer via SWIFT (Exchange) | Help Center.

I opened a USD account at PostFinance to fill from Revolut transfer USD there to send on to Exchange, but PostFinance refused to receive the funds. Never followed up to find out why.

Conversion cost is around 2 % at PostFinance.

How do you do it and what does it cost?


I do the following:
Bank (CHF) → Revolut (CHF > EUR) → App (EUR > USDC) → Exchange (USDC → whatever)

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30 days after opening you have 0% credit card payment fee. So you can use a virtual credit card from Revolut to buy, for example.

Afterwards there is SEPA Euro transfer.