Transferring ETF to Interactive Brokers

Dear all,

I am looking for advice and especially experiences when transferring funds to IBKR. I recently started investing there, and as I am profiting of the referral-1%-bonus for all incoming values for this year, I am heavily considering also transfering my existing ETF portfolio from my old german broker (DKB) to IBKR* for that sweet bonus value.

Disclaimer: This topic has been addressed before both by MP himself and in this forum. Both however have a bit of outdated or missing info, so I am trying to catch up a bit and restart the exchange here.

I have checked with both DKB and IB and neither of them charge a fee for the transfer. However, there seems to be a stock exchange fee? Would this apply to such a transfer, keeping stock exchange, ETF, etc. all the same? Does anyone of you have either the new ‘imgur’-link referred to in both the post and the forum, to find out how much this fee is for Börse Stuttgart; or recent experiences with this fee? Where will it be charged, to my DKB or IB account?

Or in general, do you guys have any experiences with these transfers and most importantly implications that I haven’t looked at yet?

I also consider a ‘manual’ transfer (selling and rebuying), but of course the added hassle here is the currency conversion. Can I use my german bank account to transfer EUR to IB and buy a EUR ETF there? My base currency is in CHF, but that is only a reporting thing, right?

'* For the sake of diversity, also on broker/country/fund side, I am heavily considering investing with the German brokerage account again at some point, but not in the first year of IB referral bonuses :wink:

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Yes that what they write, but I think it only applies to transferring securities bought at Xetra between German brokers. Ask DKB about this situation specifically.

I just noticed I never asked them the combination - but at least for my general inquiry, they answered:

DepotĂŒbertrĂ€ge sind tatsĂ€chlich kostenlos. Dabei ist unerheblich, ob
es sich um einen ein- oder ausgehenden bzw. um einen Gesamt- oder
TeilĂŒbertrag handelt. NatĂŒrlich können wir hier nur fĂŒr die DKB AG
sprechen - ob bei einer Fremdbank ggf. GebĂŒhren anfallen, entzieht
sich unserer Kenntnis. Erfragen Sie dies bitte ggf. bei der Fremdbank.

I now reiterated with the international question, however I think this will not bet the highest fee here?

Yes, absolutely.