Transfer UK Workplace pension to Switzerland

Hi guys,

I worked few years in the past in London and pilled up few thousands into an UK Workplace pension with my previous employer.I contributed 2% and my employer 8% at the time.
The choice of funds is quite limited at AXA pensions.

Since my ex-employer does not cover them anymore, the management fees are adding up.
I couldn’t find a thread on the topic on the forum.

The gov UK website is cristal clear and my current work pension fund is not in the ‘qualifying recognised overseas pension scheme’ (QROPS) list (page 99-103).

Does anyone manage to transfer it before retirement age outside of QROPS or part of it ?
How difficult was the process and what tax rates was applied ?

I transferred mine to a SIPP at Vanguard UK, transfer was free and easy, though I did it while still UK tax resident, not sure if similar transfer can be done after leaving.

The fees and fund availability are not as good as Vanguard USA, but easily beat my previous provider. Could be worth a check in case you could do something similar?