Transfer Assets from DEGIRO to US

I opened an account and invested with DEGIRO while being a EU resident. I recently became a US resident and DEGIRO is closing my account and liquidating my positions.

I would like to transfer my positions to US. I have a Schwab account. I initiated the transfer but it is currently stalled. It looks like Schwab is willing to accept it but DEGIRO is refusing to transfer assets to US.

DEGIRO is only willing to transfer assets within the countries they do business in. They propose transferring my assets to Schwab UK. Is this something that could work? Do I need a Schwab UK account?

Are there any other options to get my assets in US without liquidating the positions? Could it be done through Fidelity or other US brokerage firm? Could it even be done at all?

There is also the question of taxes and cost basis. How will EU tax me on the capital gains once I sell the positions? Will US tax me for the capital gains based on the cost basis from EU?


Are you even eligible to get one (as a US resident)?

They won’t.

The member state(s)'s tax administration(s) will tax you according to their applicable tax legislation.

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