Trading rooms live

Hi guys !
I was looking for information about trading rooms and search engine did not show me specific details about live trading rooms. Do you know any ? I found one zoom meeting (organized by Trading foundation for free) , but it is in polish, do you know any in English or German ? Thank you so much in advance!!!

You mean trading rooms like in a bank?

Trading rooms are usually restricted area e.g. the whole floor is access restricted where even employees of the bank cannot enter if they don’t work there, so I think that’s going to be difficult to find online.

No, I mean private trading rooms for private traders where group discuss their strategies.

Oh, okay. There seem to be hundreds of such sites out there. Probably most of them are rather dubious.

Trade Ideas seem to be a respected site and they have a trading room feature:

But I didn’t try it out myself so I can’t guarantee for anything :wink:

More popular are probably Telegram groups or Discord servers for trading discussions.

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