Trading crypto etf in ib like ibit

Hi guys,

I have this kind of etf not available for trading due to country restriction , do you know why ?

It’s regulated in UK iirc.

Any workaround available ? Or good alternative ?

I have heard it should be available through SQ, but I did not verify it.

I think you are reading too much US focused media. There are tons of European ETPs on crypto that you can buy on European exchanges.

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IBIT indeed seems to be available at Swissquote.

Not for 0.2%

IBIT and ARKB are available on SwissQuote and PostFinance

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So the problem is the UK and not the Switzerland ?

Btw thanks you all for the answers I will look in some etp

Just tried to buy ETP or ETC but I didn’t find nothing available do you have one to share?

Sorry to bump this thread, just looking at diversifying the portfolio with a BTC ETF. Don’t want to self custody, I am just too messy. Would trust BlackRock or Fidelity to do this right, and willing to pay for the convenience.

Is there a meaningful difference between ETF and ETP?

I see e.g. FBTC is still listed as an ETP and supposedly available at one of my brokers (DeGiro).

And ARKB is also an ETP at just 21bps which is even temporarily waived. Net assets is too low for my taste and Cathie Wood is a bit … volatile :sweat_smile: so I probably wouldn’t consider this, but wondering where the difference could sit.

I haven’t checked the fees, but Fidelity are by far the best at the moment. Deep knowledge of the tech and they do their own custody :ok_hand:

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