Tracking VIAC account in beancount

I started using VIAC last year. I’m now finalizing my 2023 finances in beancount and I was wondering if you have a clever way of tracking it.

For my other accounts it’s easy, there is some underlying fund and I update the funds’ price, but here is a larger mix, so that effectively I only have the value at the end of the year.

Any idea is greatly appreciated!


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It depends on what you want or need. In my case I’m only tracking the value on an annual basis and I do that manually. You can also update it on a monthly basis. If you want daily updates you probably need to do something based on the individual funds that make up your viac portfolio.

Tracking on an annual base is enough.

Do you just have one transaction to update the value of the account against some income account?

Yes, that’s the way I do it. Some years it’s positive and some years it’s negative.

Thank you very much!