Total crypto market cap strategy

Hi all!!

Is anyone using such a strategy? Like VT does, but for crypto?

I find it complicated to invest in crypto if you don’t want to spend your life doing your own research…

So, what about just investing and hold everything (or more reasonably the top 10) weighted by market cap?

I guess there are arguments why it is hard to achieve… the first one is about rebalancing as I guess it is moving pretty quickly…

Maybe best is to wait crypto ETF?

Any thoughts?


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Not an advertisement, just a copy from their site : « The 21Shares Crypto Basket 10 ETP (Ticker: HODLX) seeks to track the investment results of an index composed of the top 10 largest crypto assets based on market capitalization. »
The fee of 2.5 % is a significant difference versus a typical ETF, but you get the simplicity and broad exposure.

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there are bots you can programm to do that on some exchanges. There are no fees for using the bot, you just pay for the transaction (rebalancing) cost (0.01%)

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@Kay4rElle have you tried any of this bot? Any recommendation?


Hey @focus : KuCoin offer the bots for free(since they help to boosting the trading volume of the plattform).
I acutally suggested some bots and what i would like to have as feature and they added some stuff, this is really cool.

What i used:
Rebalancing bot - you tell them what % of what coins you want to have. Like a 40% cash 20% Btc 20% eth, 20%Dogecoin.
Then you set the rebalancing interwals, either a fixed time (like 1h, 1d, 1week) or a %difference, like everytime a coin is more than 1% or 5% off your setting he rebalances.
You can liquidate or add coins at any time,you can also force a rebalance if you like.

I also used the sport grid bot.
He just buys over a certaing price and sells below. It works if the coin is just ranging in a certain price point (like 20-30 usd) but if the coin gains significan value you just end up selling everything.
It has ist purpose, but dont expect miracles.

They also offer some AI portoflios, like theme baed (Metaverse, gaming, meme, etc).
I like this since you can set a bot to reblance based on ranking or market cap.

That said, KuCoin is a bit of a shady exchange, you can not transfer fiat directly but have to go trought Coinbase, Kraken or Binnance. I use them since 2017/2018 and did not have any issues, but i would not keep a high % of my net worth on the plattform.

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