Too many Pillar 3a accounts in VAUD

I recently read on the topic of staggering pillar 3a withdrawals. It looks like in VAUD canton, 5 accounts are accepted?
My question is - let’s say I open 5 accounts to go for this optimization strategy. What if the rules changed in 20, or 30 years and the limit is now 1 account. Do I lose the opportunity to withdraw from the other 4 accounts?
Essentially I’m trying to understand potential risks involved with this approach, more specifically with VAUD canton.

If they would change the legislation it will either be that you have to consolidate your accounts or that you need to withdraw the money from all accounts at the same time. Your money will definitely not be lost if that is your fear.

I don’t see any risk with this approach, the risk is more if you don’t have 5 accounts because you can’t split them up in the future.


There is no risk. You’ll end up withdrawing them all at the same time if that will be the case.

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