Tips for car checkup

Good choice! Just remember when the service comes - if you ask a garage to do “the service”, you’ll end up with 300-400chf on the bill. If you ask to change the oil and filters, you’ll pay half for pretty much the same work. Best if you can source the oil and filters yourself from For anything else which may need a fix, you’ll hear it if it makes noise or the folks at the MFK will point it out :-).

Thanks @glina!

great tips! stupid question but which filters are that? air filters? would they also check the brakes?
I guess I need to find a garage now that is OK with me bringing my own oil and materials? If I can trust myself to find those… will require some googling :smiley:

Best moment to check the brakes is when you change your tires between summer and winter sets, since the wheels are off. Just ask to have a look at the brakes and this should cost you nothing at all!

You can add your car at

and then ask Amazon to show only the parts compatible with your car. Then do a double-check online and you are good to go :slight_smile:


is it me or you are both chatting on the wrong thread? :slight_smile:

Btw you should add the “amazon tip” to our wiki…