Time bank & bartering of services

Hi all,

I heard about a concept called “time banking” on a podcast today from the US. It is basically a platform/facebook group for locals to exchange services with each other. One hour earns one point and can then be exchanged for different services that the group members offer. I guess it ranges from highly skilled to unskilled but it still earns the same value.

Some examples:
web & graphic design
car maintenance
house renovation
treatments e.g. massages
language tutoring
fitness coaching
life coaching
child care
pet care
organisational consulting e.g. budgeting

Sadly after some googling I haven’t found anything similar in Switzerland. Have anyone of you heard of such a thing in Switzerland?

My second question is if it maybe it could be interesting as a wiki for us here? Where everyone could list 1. What they would like to have and 2. What they can offer in return

I understand we are spread out in Switzerland but maybe it could make sense in some cases.

Looking forward to your thoughts!


there are a few of those:

i’m wondering up to what point that is actually legal from a tax point of view - i guess technically it might be black labour … :wink:


i also long ago thought of this concept, basically circumventing any tax load and social security.

the first link writes something about the legal perspective - “exchanging time” is not covered by any laws so far, as it is yet very insignificant. According to them, work that goes as “hobby” is not taxable. however if you have a VAT (i guess self emplayed?) you need to declare it… also if it becomes more than “geringfügige tätigkeit”
same for social security.