Thought experiment: Seeing 24h into the future - How do you profit the most?

I recently had a shower thought and I’d like to hear how you guys would act if something like this would happen to you.

Assuming the following scenario:

  • You know how all charts are going to look like 24h from now
  • Your trades won’t impact them
  • You have access to every instrument that you might want to trade

How are you going to use your newly gained knowledge in order to make the most money out of it?
How would your actions change if you’d have time to prepare for it?

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It doesn’t matter. What’s the difference between infinite money and twice infinite money ?


I don’t really think it would be ‘infinite’ money.
Ofcourse it also depends on how much capital you have now in order to grow it over those 24h.

Oh, I thought it was a superpower that would work everyday, not just a single day


I guess the simplest way would be maxing out all credit cards and consumer loans and use that to buy as many CFDs or call options or futures on the stock that will perform the best in those 24h.

I could also short whatever was going to (almost) zero, if the absolute value of the difference was bigger than for the best performing stock.


I would bet the wealthiest arrogant people in the world, that I know what a certain stock is going to do tomorrow, and request all their wealth in exchange for a win. :sweat_smile:


Interesting thought.

They say that moral behavior is what you do when nobody is looking.

Is it immoral to profit from such knowledge? Should you tell others? If so, who would you tell?

I’d rather be worried that I’d go down as the world’s most infamous inside trader, although nobody could ever prove anything. Imagine the authorities if you show up out of nowhere, make a fortune on 1-2 trades and then just pretend to be a regular next door FIRE Joe. :smiley:

They wouldn’t believe you! Although, seeing the strange investments people do…


I blame that not happening earlier on Covid. :stuck_out_tongue:

A potentially interesting follow-up question is how you would know that you really know them and that the future will turn the way you think you know it and not differently.

Leveraging your butt only to realize that what you thought was true didn’t hold may not lead to the most pleasant life of all.


Only a problem if you bet on an unexpected event (Elon Musk dying in a plane crash tomorrow).

You could bet on an expected event with uncertain outcome. E.g. expiring options on a big index.
Nobody is going to suspect you for insider trading on SMI or S&P 500 options.

EDIT: Then again, neither will many for YOLOing everything on GME or AMC.


I’d dress up, go to the nearest financial news channel, and tell the world how confident I am that this stock’ll go up and that one’ll go down, including the numbers.

Then I’d make history and be the first person to come back on the next day to brag about how I was so right about what I said.


True that being able to say “I was right” or “told you so” feels good :rofl: :rofl:

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If you used the result of this 24h investment, you could even come back every day to brag about it, as the new owner of the channel :rofl:


Don’t forget to sell books and expensive lessons with coaches especially trained by you. Then never make a prediction ever again and tell the people who ask that if they want to get it, they have to register to the courses, which content is kept secret.

The people who complain they haven’t gotten rich by taking the courses are sore loosers jealous of your success who didn’t take the course in the first place and are trying to ruin your reputation out of some unearned spite. Or maybe they’re (wo)men whom advances you have rejected because you are a pure soul.


All in with max leverage on that one shit coin that does a 60’000% moove…


Many of those things don’t scale tho. You need enough people on the other side of the trade, making a few millions is definitely easy (e.g. on the FX market), billions will be challenging (I’m really not sure if/how it’s possible)

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Then it’d be easy :wink:

I personally wouldn’t think of it as being immoral. I probably wouldn’t tell anybody because then I’d have to spend too much time communicating with them etc. I think in that time I’d be able to profit off of the knowledge more by myself and giving back to loved ones after.

Well after 15minutes you could be pretty sure about it after comparing your knowledge with what has already happened on the market.

I don’t think you’d need that extra million that desperately :wink:

Pretty interesting that you’re the first one talking about trading crypto. I’d probably trade crypto aswell. Much more volatility and some shitcoins make massive moves in a day and you have exchanges like binance that allow you 125x leverage which would be perfect for a situation like this. Of course, it wouldn’t work if your trades would impact the market because they’re so illiquid.

Exactly! That’s why I mentioned that your trades won’t impact the market. Otherwise it would be more difficult for sure.

You mentioned that the trades won’t impact the chart, it’s different from which trades are possible to begin with (liquidity).

And this is how you do it!

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Oh, so it’s not a one time knowledge but full knowledge of all the variations during a full 24h? Then day trading sounds like an obvious answer. I’d still do it with options or futures (for leverage) but forex or cryptos could be good options too.

Well, over time, I don’t think we’d be speaking of only a few meager millions but I don’t shower enough to have fully thought it through.

Interesting how you all stuck to finances. For me the best way to leverage future knowledge is to win a jackpot in a lottery- if there is one tomorrow, of course.

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