The Poor Swiss - The road to wealth of a young Swiss guy

Hello mustachian fellows,

I’m a 29 years old Swiss (-french) working in Fribourg. I just finished my Ph.D last year and I’m still working in my school currently.

For the first years of employment, I kept track of my expenses, but I didn’t really pay attention to investing. I didn’t pay attention to the future of retirement either. After some bad months, I started to realize that I was spending way too much money on various things. Therefore I decided to focus on strongly improving my savings rate and start investing in a better way. Already I had two months with savings rate of more than 30%, which is really great for me. I plan to keep on improving it :slight_smile:

In order to motivate me, I decided to write my story into a blog, in English.

If you are interested, you can read more on my blog:

I hope this can help a few people, but currently, you are probably more capable than me :stuck_out_tongue: If you have any comment on improvements for me, I’d be very glad to receive your advice :slight_smile:


The Poor Swiss


Salut The Poor Swiss,

Welcome on the forum, Your blog is a good way to keep yourself accountable!
As long as you are aware that having a high saving rate is very important, things will take care of themselves. :slight_smile:
It is intimidating at first, but little by little you will find out that taking care of your finances is not that complicated!

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Hello Julianek,

Thanks for the advice.

The savings rate was one of the thing I never concerned myself about before starting to read personal finance blog like this one. And then I realized that my personal saving rate was terrible in fact. I should have been realizing this much earlier, but better late than ever :slight_smile:

I was also lucky to have always been keeping track of all my expenses, it showed me what was wrong and what I could improve.


The Poor Swiss

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You are welcome!

Maximizing your saving rate is not too difficult once you take care of :

If you need more help, you are on the good forum :slight_smile:

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I agree. Once you become serious about it, it’s not so difficult to improve the savings rate. It takes some strategy though.

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