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Not sure if this forum is a place for this, but I am looking for some advice, or some estimations.

I am ready for the next job move. Where do you see such a CV in terms of position & Salary expectation?

I dream of some well-paying job in MAAG as Lead Engineer or Project/Product manager. Is this realistic or rather not? If not, what would be? I am open for referrals :slight_smile:

Your CV would likely fail automated CV screening; would stronly suggest moving to a machine readable format (remove the left column with the years) and change the length of service to Calendar Years and Months. Further, add Locations to all Jobs, incl. the research project. Nationality would as well matter; your current CV indicates Polish - would explicitly write where you came from.

Otherwise, your CV looks really good. Don‘T know the IT market well enough to answer where to best land and what to expect but trust you would find something good.


That would have been my key question. But thanks anyway for your suggestions!

You might have too little experience outside academia for a lead engineer at MAAG, but a senior role (roughly 250k TCO) should be doable. For those companies, your CV is only important to get the interview, afterwards only your interview performance matters, which means Leetcode grinding.

Usually, lead engineer and PM are very different roles (as a lead, you still do implementation work, as a PM not), so this is definitely something I would think about in your role.

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Is there a site where I can check whether my CV is machine readable or not? When I upload my CV for a job only part of it is captured by the system and the rest needs to be entered manually

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I also think with there is not enough experience and hands-on for a lead engineer role. I can’t imagine a team accepting a lead engineer with roughly 2.5 years of partial exposure on the subject matter. In some companies even a senior role might be difficult. Not in consulting of course because they give senior basically to everyone with 6 months experience so they can charge higher rates, but in some companies you need 5-10 years for senior.

Suggestions: Brag a bit more about your experience as a scientific assistant, the stuff regarding analytics lab, python, etc. even Matlab is okay as long as it has something to do with hands-on experience. And remove entry-level / foundation level courses from the CV that doesn’t look very senior’ish. If you want to list some stuff in AI/Cloud get the top tier certs from the vendors you want to work with and list those. They are still very easy to get, especially those from Microsoft (compared to AWS f.e.) but look much better on the CV than foundation level courses.

Also, as a hiring manager, it would be not clear to me what exactly you want and who you want to become. Data engineer? Data scientist? AI/Ml engineer? Or more project manager/product owner/people manager/scrum guru?

If you want high comp and do some data stuff in the cloud and you’re into Azure (it seems so) with a breeze of sales and consulting, then Microsoft pays quite well and is always looking for people. But not everybody would like to work there. AWS and Google are also always looking for people if you prefer those clouds, and both pay well.

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I tried in the past the free version of