Tech worker unemployed on RAV, have doubt about RAV paying you when you sign a new contract

Dear all,

I am a tech worker, who, unfortunately, was laid off 2 months ago. Last month I started on RAV but i have a huge doubt. Let’s say if i got an offer to start in 2 months, and I sign the contract next week. Does RAV keeps paying me until the start date of the new job or just until next week .i.e. until the day where i finally signed a new contract - although the contract only starts in 2 months?

Thanks in advance and you dont estimate how helpful this information would be!

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Why do they only employ you in two months only, but not now? Thats probably the question you will face…

I guess they will. If you are uncertain, why not ask your contact at the RAV?

It would be petty to request a specialized, salaried employee with a new job starting in 2 months to keep looking for something temporary in between or stop the insured payments.

edit: this assumes the new job is only available in 2 months. And not you postponing the earliest start date to go on vacation in between


I donr see a reason why they wouldnt pay. You are unemployed until the new contract starts.

I believe they could veto for some unrealistic scenario, like staring in 6 months or so. But 2 months seems perfectly normal

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You will get paid by RAV as long as you meet the criteria (ie. loss of income) so you have two more months of benefits of course.

They might require you to continue applying to jobs for the next two months though.


They may also invite you to training session or face to face Meeting.

Thanks everyone for the replies! Appreciate it!

This is the most likely scenario. As long as you are receiving benefits you will be expected to continue the rigmarole of job applications, meetings, training, etc. But speak to your RAV advisor about a possible exception.