TCS Benefits CashBack

Hello all !

I wanted to share with you a relatively unknown cashback program you can grab when you do shopping online.
If you are a TCS member (best car assistance in Switzerland), you are able to use the TCS Benefits program :

Basically, TCS have partners where you can get cashback or discount when you buy something on the partner store.
The major drawback was that you had to go on the TCS webpage everytime you want to buy in order to get the referral link. Due to that, I regularly forgot to check if there was a cashback or not…

BUT ! Recently TCS issued a Chrome and Firefox plugin that inform you directly on the shop webpage if you are able to get a cashback ! Install the plugin, login with your TCS account, and go !

For example, I went this morning on Manor website when TCS plugin informed me that I was able to get 3% cashback ! No further action needed.

Chrome plugin :

Firefox plugin :

Hope this small hack will be useful for you.
Best !


Hi Ardius,
I also use this program (tcs mastercard gold subscriber) but my experience with this service has been horrible so far… While shopping online, cashback fails to register 50% of the time (even with cookies and extension activated).

In the rare cases where a transaction makes it to my tcs account page, it seems to stay in “unverified” status forever. I have 8 months old purchases that have not yet settled.

Did you try to contact them through the support page ?
I sent them shopping I did this year and they accepted to add them in their cashback program.

No, I once tried to inform them that one of their affiliate link was leading to a script error page, they never answered. I thought they would not consider such requests or put the fault on me for not properly entering the site through their affiliate link or whatever.

I will give a try

There is also Rabattcorner and shop that do this with an extension. No memberships required.

Both work very reliably.

PM me for referral codes so we both get some bonus money.

I’m interested! I use preispirat until now, have the app of rabattcorner but haven’t used so far.

Edit: (Post was flagged because there was refer url )

I bought some stuff and every transaction was recorded correct and I did 2 payouts:

My favourite:

Ok quick follow-up, I just sent 4 orders in PDFs format to TCS support and they quickly refunded the missing cashback on my bank account. They did not even argue, just asked for my IBAN.

Btw, what’s so wrong with @MeowMeowFuzzyface post that it got flagged?

I fixed my post - now it’s visible again :slight_smile:

Si next idea is to buy with rabattcorner and se y pdf to TCS :sweat_smile:

The offer for referral codes is still good. At least one person contacted me and signed up and we both got an extra 5.

I still have som referal code, please contact me directly :wink:

Anyone has a referral code for TCS membership? I have seen I will get half price for the subscription and you will get 50 CHF. Please send me a message if so.

I can send you an invitation but I need your complete name and email address to do so. There is nothing like a referral code afaik.

You can send me a PM with your data if you are still interested.

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