Taxes on P2P Bondora

Hello, does anyone know how to declare taxes in P2P? I’m currently invested on Bondora Go and Grow and I don’t have yet any realised gains.
Though I was wondering if I need to declare such unrealised gains and at later stage not pay taxes, or if I don’t declare them now but only when I realise profit/loss.

Does anyone has experience on this?

Thank you all for the help!

Isn’t it a loan with interest? In that case every interest payment should be counted as income.

My guess is that a loan default is just a a loss (can’t be deducted from income, unless you’re professional).


I will list my P2P Portfolio value at the end of Decmber and add all earned interest as income from wealth. Was accepted like that in 2020.

Hello, even though you haven’t “chash out” the interests? Then when you do so, you will simply realise all profits?

Exiting P2P is easier said than done. But yeah, the interest is ultimately simply the income from that wealth asset, taxed one time when received.