Taxes on German government bonds

Hello everyone

I have invested in the German government bond BUND SCHATZANW. 22/24 ISIN: DE0001104883.

Now I am wondering what taxes are applicable (domicile CH): My understanding is that there are no stamp taxes applicable, since foreign broker (smartbroker).

What about withholding tax . I would like to hold the bond until the end of the term. Regarding the return achieved with it, what is it considered as? Capital gain, dividend, interest…? How would the return be taxable then.

Thanks a lot

i’m not sure (and happy to be corrected, if wrong) but i lean towards taxable coupon & tax-free capital gain. it’s been issued below par (99.82) for ~2 yrs but the coupon is 0.2%, so the ‘discount interest’ (at time of issue) is lower than the regular interest over its lifetime.

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