Taxation of TDA Ameritrade Account in Switzerland?

Hi everyone, I’m a Swiss citizen and am planning to open an account at TDA Ameritrade. I also have an account at Interactive Brokers but I find the interface so clunky and unintuitive.
I understand that there is a tax treaty between the USA and Switzerland. In Switzerland, capital gains on stocks are not considered as income unless you are a professional trader. However, what happens at the broker end? i.e. are automatic deductions made for:

  • Capital gains on stocks
  • Dividends
  • Profits from options trading?
    Are the deductions made automatically at the USA end (and you apply for them back) or are you exempt from the beginning?

Which one specifically?

The desktop version - trader workstation. You can only place advanced conditional orders for options using the desktop version.

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No deductions made as long as you properly declare your tax residency when you sign up.

In the case of U.S. dividends, deductions are made.

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