Taxation of investments in start-ups (through Wefunder and Crowdcube)

I am investing in start-ups through Wefunder and Crowdcube.

Do you know how the taxation works? Which is the criteria behind? is there any kind of lower taxation, like already available I. other countries?

Do I need to list one by one each company or just the final value of each report from the 2 investment companies?

Any one having previous experience in the topic with Wefunder, Crowdcube and/or any other similar platform?

thanks in advance to all

It’s the same taxation as for any other investment in a company, tax on dividends and tax on wealth, no capital gains tax. There’s no special tax advantage for investments in start ups.

If these companies provide a detailed report, I’d try to make just two positions and attach the reports when you hand in your tax declaration.

Given these are startups I assume no dividends but you should report the investment because if in the future the company goes public or get bought and you see a return you need to be able to explain it. typically with wefunder and seedrs (assume it is the same with crowdcube) you will get an investment agreement and a share certificate