Tax Swiss stocks for French resident

Is there anything I should know tax-wise about having/buying Swiss stocks as a resident of France?

I already know to avoid using a Swiss broker which will be subject to a stamp tax. Are there any tax reasons why for example French stocks are preferable over Swiss ones?

Some additional information: I am not a Swiss citizen, I am Dutch, I just worked in Switzerland when I started looking into investing on this forum.

P.S. Does someone happen to know: should I avoid Dutch stocks and/or the Amsterdam exchange in order to not be considered taxable by the Netherlands. I have no other financial ties with the Netherlands so I understand that at the moment I am not considered taxable there.

P.P.S.: Is it okay to ask France related questions here and/or is there a good similar more french oriented English-speaking forum somewhere?

Impôt anticipé (35%) on distributions from Swiss stocks. You may want to check how to reclaim the part that won’t be offset against your French tax. Switzerland and the federal tax administration don’t seem to make it overly onerous - but you’re still dealing with it as a French resident.

PS: While I’m not familiar with Dutch tax law and the applicable double taxation agreement, I can’t imagine merely buying and holding Dutch stocks would create any kind of tax liability in the Netherlands.

Most reasonable countries (that excludes the U.S.) don’t tax you based on citizenship. Also, don’t forget you’re protected by EU law that explicitly guarantees free movement of people and presents big hurdles against such discrimination.

It’s probably ok, that said you probably won’t get a lot of helpful answers :slight_smile: I think reddit r/vosfinances sometimes has posts in english, so that might be an option.

If you’re french resident you probably should take into account all the french fiscal situation in your investments (e.g. max out your PEA first, consider a life insurance, prefer accumulating ETFs, etc.)

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