Tax return and stock splits

Hi all,

I looked it up online and in the forum, but couldn’t find an answer.

For some of my stocks there were corporate actions, such as split or reverse split.

I am doing the taxes using the online portal for the canton of Zurich.
I am stuck at this point:

  1. I am adding a new stock position, along with the number of shares. Say the number was 100
  2. However, last year the number of shares was 1000, and the stock did a 10:1 split

Under the available options for " Zu- & Abgänge" I see the following:

  • Kauf
  • Gtatisaktie/Stockdividende (Zugang)
  • Aufleitung (Zugang)
  • Fusion (Zugang)
  • Abspaltung (Zugang)
  • Schenkung (Zugang)
  • Erbfall/Vorempfang (Zugang)
  • Verkauf
  • Schenkung (Abgang)
  • Aufteilung (Abgang)
  • Fusion/Umtausch (Abgang)
  • Aktrienruckgabe
  • Indirekte Teilliquidation
  • Vorempfang(Abgang)

There is no clear option for a split (where I would enter the ratio).
I suppose I have to include 2 entries, one that says -1000 and then one that says +100.

Does anyone know how to do this properly?

Thank you

If the stock is in ictax isn’t that automatically handled?

For a split, this is normally a stock dividend, e.g. a 1:20 split, is a 19 stock dividend per share.

(for reverse split, I’d do similar think, e.g. umtausch)

Thanks for your reply.

The stock is GOOG. I am using the online tool
It handles all the dividends all right, but not the stock splits.

I think I will do the following:

  • Create an entry for “Umtausch”: the number of stocks I enter here reduce my holdings (in my example -1000)
  • Create another entry for “Aufteillung (Zugang)”: the number of stocks I enter here are increase my holdings (in my example +100)
  • Enter a comment about the split (they only allow 66 characters…)
  • Attach the document from my bank about the split.

If it’s GOOG it’s a stock dividend.

Hi All,

Do we really have to declare all transactions in these Swiss tax reports?

If you have a Swiss broker, electronic tax statements already take care of that for you.

For non-Swiss brokers, I think it’s expected to enter all transactions in the software, but I’ve heard of people who just put the total wealth and total income in the corresponding boxes. Still you probably want to back that with bank statements and you may be asked for clarifications. Also I don’t know if all cantons accept to just enter totals because the actual income credited to your account may not always match what Swiss law considers to be taxable income (accumulating funds for example).

If you have IBKR, you could vote for the electronic tax statement in the feature poll to help make it happen :blush:

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The tax software can sometimes do it automatically for you.

Once I found that it calculated tax on a dividend in specie (share distribution) that I didn’t even notice!

I attached a statement with all transactions plus dividends, withholding tax and interest from IBKR and just put in the total values and it worked fine in the past.