Tax return and stock splits

Hi all,

I looked it up online and in the forum, but couldn’t find an answer.

For some of my stocks there were corporate actions, such as split or reverse split.

I am doing the taxes using the online portal for the canton of Zurich.
I am stuck at this point:

  1. I am adding a new stock position, along with the number of shares. Say the number was 100
  2. However, last year the number of shares was 1000, and the stock did a 10:1 split

Under the available options for " Zu- & Abgänge" I see the following:

  • Kauf
  • Gtatisaktie/Stockdividende (Zugang)
  • Aufleitung (Zugang)
  • Fusion (Zugang)
  • Abspaltung (Zugang)
  • Schenkung (Zugang)
  • Erbfall/Vorempfang (Zugang)
  • Verkauf
  • Schenkung (Abgang)
  • Aufteilung (Abgang)
  • Fusion/Umtausch (Abgang)
  • Aktrienruckgabe
  • Indirekte Teilliquidation
  • Vorempfang(Abgang)

There is no clear option for a split (where I would enter the ratio).
I suppose I have to include 2 entries, one that says -1000 and then one that says +100.

Does anyone know how to do this properly?

Thank you

If the stock is in ictax isn’t that automatically handled?

For a split, this is normally a stock dividend, e.g. a 1:20 split, is a 19 stock dividend per share.

(for reverse split, I’d do similar think, e.g. umtausch)

Thanks for your reply.

The stock is GOOG. I am using the online tool
It handles all the dividends all right, but not the stock splits.

I think I will do the following:

  • Create an entry for “Umtausch”: the number of stocks I enter here reduce my holdings (in my example -1000)
  • Create another entry for “Aufteillung (Zugang)”: the number of stocks I enter here are increase my holdings (in my example +100)
  • Enter a comment about the split (they only allow 66 characters…)
  • Attach the document from my bank about the split.

If it’s GOOG it’s a stock dividend.