Tax on Japanese stocks for Swiss resident

Hi all, I recently moved to Switzerland. As I’m holding a good amount of cash in yen and the yen exchange rate is making me sad, I’m planning to invest in Japanese stocks on Swissquote.

I’ve done some research online about the tax implication. So far this is what I gathered, but I’m not confident this is correct, and would really appreciate if someone who have invested in JP stocks from Switzerland shedding some light (even better, share with me any tax guide for this situation):

  • I will pay the 20% tax on dividends to Japanese government (withheld from brokers)
  • I’ll have to declare that dividend as part of my income to Swiss government. The amount of tax to be paid depend on my income tax bracket, but I can deduct the 20% tax I already paid to Japan to avoid getting double taxed. So for example, assuming my income tax rate is 25%, then I’d only have to pay 5% to CH government.

Does this sound about right?

Thank you all so much in advance!

I don’t think there is much logical in that sentence. Re-evaluate the sunken cost fallacy and you might end up with a different conclusion.

(If instead of XXX in Yen, you had CHF, would you convert it to Yen and invest in those companies)