Tax declaration of foreign mutual funds


I have a specific question for investing in Indian equity markets. Is there anyone on this blog who invests in Indian mutual funds or ETFs (with domicile in India) ?

For time being, only Irish or US domicile ETFs are listed under ICTax. So I am wondering if I do invest in Indian mutual funds, how can I actually declare income taxes in Switzerland?

I am a bit concerns that Swiss authorities can claim that all of the gains need to be declared as “income” in absence of proper documentation by the fund houses

Some points to note

  1. Most Indian funds are called “growth plans” which means they do not distribute dividends. Even the ones which fall under category IDCW don’t distribute dividends consistently.

  2. If you don’t invest in Indian mutual funds but have a similar situation in terms of tax return filing, then please feel free to share the approach

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