Tax declaration - new parents, not married


deadline is approaching for my tax declaration in Kt Zurich and I wanted to ask you what needs to be done differently regarding our son born last year.
We are not married. My status remains “Ledig” ?
Mom works 60% and I work 100%. My gross income is more than 2x hers and I also get the “parent subsidies” so I thought I would do all the deductions. What can be deducted ? Kid’s healthcare (she paid for those so is it an issue ?), Fees of the kita, anything else ?
Any particular box that needs to be ticked ?
Thanks for your help


I don’t know exactly the rules of ZH but usually should you proceed as follows.

I suggest to distribute and declare the maintenance of the son in the following way:
100% Father and 0% Mother

Thus you will gains the maximal deduction (I think 10’000 CHF as forfait) and you will be consider as “verheiratet”.

The mother continuous to pay the same amount of taxes as before but you would get a big reduction.

Be careful: the healthcare should be deducted in the dedicated part of the declaration. In such I way I suggest to charge such cost from the mother to you in order to motivated the above 100%.

I think that Kita depends on cantons rules.

I was told in Basel to deduct the expenses at 50%