Tax declaration in Solothurn

Hello Mustachian,
I’m looking for a little help here. I’m an ex-Romand in Solothurn Canton and as Solothurn is not bi-lingual, the eTax website it only available in German (it’s all online not in a software like I was used on Vaud, but whatever, it’s even better). I’ll not expend here about my point of view that there should be a unique tax software/website for all canton that is translated in all national languages (+ eventually some others like English, Spanish or what ever is the most spoken after in Switzerland). The thing is I could translate everything with deepl and my German is not zero neither so it’s mostly OK but I want to be sure to not miss any deduction.

Here are the deductions I’m not sure about:

  • In Vaud I think I was able to deduce the rent of the apartment somewhere but I cannot find it here. Is it possible?
  • Can I deduce German courses taken by my wife not working at the moment ? If yes were, as I cannot place it in the work section as she isn’t working, or could I still deduce professional training even when you are not working (it would make sense to me but I’m not fiscalist).
  • Mr. MP in his article have some work expense deduction like clothes, but I don’t find an appropriate section for this, all work deduction are very specific like travel, food, working more than a week away from home…
  • Finally the most complicated. As we moved middle of a year and didn’t understood well that we would have to pay 100% of the tax in the new canton and not in each of them proportionally. So we declared the projected income of the half year and they set up the monthly pre-payement based on this, even for the full year following. I’ve check with them earlier and they confirm that we pay no interest on the difference once they have been validated by them. But now I’m going the next step and wondering if I can count this as a debt. Let’s say that I paid 5000frs in pre-payement as it was validated but I know I’ll have to pay around 10’000. Can I add 5000 ad a debt or it’s not admissible?

Thanks for any help with these points.

Very likely, I haven’t seen rent reductions in OW nor LU. But Zug has them.

Yes, I did deduct language classes of my wife too even she was not working and still is not.

iirc somebody mentioned that one can indeed add the pending taxes as debt somehow but it doesn’t make sense to me. iiuc you have to have paid the taxes by the end of the year for the year before anyway.

I think you can put your liabilities, typically federal taxes at least.

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