Tax decision 2021

I have just received the taxation decision with the taxes to be paid (cantonal and federal), and reference is made to the bulletins that will have to arrive for payment. In theory I have permission B, but since last year I have requested the possibility of making my income declaration in order to include my various expenses and the third pillar. As I have withholding tax in 2021 I have paid much more than what comes out in this decision of the taxation. Should they then make me a bank transfer in which the difference will be credited back to me? Because as they wrote it, it almost seems that in addition to what I have already paid, they also want these taxes given the wording “the payment bulletin will arrive separately”. I assume it is a standard document also sent to Swiss citizens who do not have withholding tax. Has this happened to anyone else as well? Shouldn’t there also be a city tax? I live in Tessin and I’m Italian.

Yes. You should have entered your bank information in the declaration.


Thank you for the confirmation!