Tax consultant as power of attorney

Has anyone had a tax consultant ask you to sign a Power of Attorney:

Representation in all tax matters (including property gains tax, withholding tax, federal stamp duties,
value added tax, inheritance and gift taxes as well as reclaiming domestic and foreign taxes at source)
before all authorities and instances as well as third parties. This also includes the filing of remedies of all
kinds (e.g. objections and appeals) and representation in supplementary and penalty tax proceedings.

Just changed tax consultancy firm and they sent me this request.
Appreciate your feedback.

Have never used the services of a tax consultant.

But seems very reasonable (particularly after the new data protection law has reminded people and government authorities of their duty of confidentiality), if they don’t want to have to go through you for every document or information they may need.

it not only seems reasonable but also a sign of the tax consultancy being professional.

I have to deny people requesting information (from my employer) based on lack of authorisation/power attorney at work basically every day.

The number of people that offer professional advice or administrative services to others for a living and want me to give them information regarding their clients - yet still can’t be arsed to obtain a simple (but proper) written authorisation from them - is staggering.


That’s standard procedure