Tax avoidance in Switzerland

Does anyone know of any information or book about this topic (tax avoidance is perfectly legal, to not be misunderstood as tax evasion) ? Something like this book for Switzerland :

I am more interested in ways to deffer, swift and convert taxes strategies, maybe with the help of a company (own gmbh). Like, using a company to charge my current employer and me as an employee to my own company, where I can deduct more as well.

Anyone knows any resource I can go deeper into?


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If you want to know the basic how to save money with taxes:

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Well, I think this is more for the regular income tax. I was thinking more to switft part of my taxes to a company and to avoid some taxes with this structure. Like, I like traveling. I can create a company where I am employed and travel the world as company expenses. I would also write a blog about it, so I might get some money from there, but personally I would anyhow travel, but with a company I can pay less taxes maybe if I get the income to it, have some expenses in there and paid myself a lower salary from it.
So, more how to avoid taxes by using a company layer for example. The regular tips and tricks I know… But I think more can be optimized.

You’ll need to be much more precise in your question if you expect a proper answer. Generally, (travel) expenses don’t matter, income is relevant. If you have some income from a blog, maybe check this thread.

If it only were so easy… If your company has only one customer and only one employee you will trigger alarms. Google Scheinselbstständigkeit.
Otherwise feel free.

Federal level: tax laws:
Kantonal level tax laws:
Search for “Steuergesetz Kanton X”

Those resources should give you a complete overview of the tax situation, but you also need to factor in AHV, this should give you a good overview:

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