Take his/her retirement in France and financial implications

Hi, I read lots of testimonials of people on this forum who want to stay in Switzerland for their retirement. I recognize lots of advantages of course (quality of life, security,…) but from my financial point of view, I am thinking about taking my retirement in France (my native country).

I haven’t studied yet all the financial implications resulting from a Swiss citizen’s early retirement in France (in terms of taxes, health insurance, …) and I wonder where I could find all this information.

So if you have some links/paper recommendations or maybe some of you already have a good view and could share their insight.

Thanks a lot and take care

I think it’s discussed in eg french reddit forums (r/vos finances).

There’s things to think about like mandatory health insurance Bénéficiaire de la protection universelle maladie (PUMa) - Urssaf.fr

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