Switching from CornerTrader to IBKR

Hi All,

First post here but long time enjoyer of this blog and forum, thanks for having me :slight_smile:

I have around 200K CHF on CornerTrader split between VT, VOO & CHSPI. I do a handful of trades per year, not especially dilligently, and typically get hit with CT’s 35CHF inactivity fee 1-2 times per year. I understand I’d also save a CHF or two on transaction fees if I were to switch.

Costs aside, while I’ve been quite happy with customer service at CT, it seems like a bit of a weird shop to me, between not having 2FA by default and having to call them if you want to withdraw funds…

Around the time I opened my account, CT was still lauded as a favourite, or at least equivalent to IBKR. These days though it seems consensus here that IBKR is the way to go. I’m posting here to check whether I understood that correctly, and whether it would make sense for me to switch to IBKR, as someone who’s already using CT?

+Bonus question: Hassle aside, what would be the cheapest way to switch? I would have both accounts in CHF.

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