Swisscom price negotiation

Probably known by all…but for the first time we decided to push for better pricing from Swisscom and it worked very easily.

We have been with Swisscom for many years and in general happy with it, I know many would argue against them but it’s been rock solid for us and the interface and channel choice is all good for us.

The current special offers at Swisscom of CHF 59.- a month were below what we were paying, but with a short call we managed to get them to match our contract to the current offer (which is written everywhere “only open to new customers”) and they agreed to send us a new TV box (ours is several years old and doesn’t support UHD and many channels) without any costs.

We were willing to move if needed, either to SunRise or Internet only + Zattoo, but as we got Swisscom down to the same price level, we’re happy to stay there.

So…definitely worth calling and negotiating, even if they say it is only new customers.


I would argue against them because they are 51% government owned and ridiculously overpriced.

Swisscom is not on the same price level you can negotiate with all other providers as well or take up one of their discount offers. Once in a while you call them to quit and you get offered a new and better deal. Basically everyone else is cheaper than Swisscom.

Yes everyone is cheaper, but I agree with the first post. I like Swisscom and you get what you pay for.

Very good interface, user friendly. If you ever need to speak to customer services someone picks up quickly and they can speak in English if you need.

I did a similar thing a couple of years ago and will give them a call again for this new rate. Thanks for the tip.

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Always always threaten to quit or change providers as soon as you can is what I learned: phone plans (Salt), internet plan (UPC), even Privathaftpflicht/Hausrat and car insurance (the last one surprised me the most).

I can’t imagine how much money they make over people not negotiating.

Or does anyone know: Is keeping a customer worth losing money or do they just overcharge other people who don’t negotiate?

Had a very different experience with them. I had their 49.- plan for a year a while back and a few months before it ran out, I called (several times) to say I’m happy to stay with you but not for the new price of 160.- a month for what used to cost 49.-

All they could do was offer me much much less services for something like 79.-

Saying I’d leave and go to another provider which had offer X at price Y didn’t change a thing. They were saying “whatever we don’t care”

I left in the end and I don’t regret it. Especially that I miscalculated the last month and ended up paying 160.- for a month of internet which is the most (by far) I’ve ever paid for a month of internet in my whole life and in all the places I’ve lived around the world. Left a very sour taste and made me want to patronize Swisscom even less in the future.

Another good reason to not pay Swisscom is that they’re working very hard at stifling fiber optics deployments other than their own to kill competition off. Screw these jerks.

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When I told them I wanted to cancel (without trying to negociate), they offered me 12 months at 50% if I would renew for 24 months. Not uninteresting, but still slightly higher than the offer of Wingo at that time.

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