Swisscard paper statements

Beware: The Swisscard phone app will reset your paper statement settings. This means you will receive your statements by paper if you don’t deactivate it (again).

It is written on their email Grey on White (a…h…)

Also remember to do it for all cards!

To add insult to injuries (?) it is not clear how it is set. What I’ve done is to enable and disable it again, otherwise the setting is unclear. If I open the app again it shows the same unknown status.




I’ll have to check. Thanks for letting us know.

Can’t confirm.
I just checked in-app for the first time, and without making any changes, this is my status:

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very weird. That’s Not what I see. I stll see the first screenshot where you have to click continue.

Note that I have two card sets.

The above screenshot shows what I’m seeing after tapping “continue”.

Me too.

I’m in iOS, is @ma0 on another system?
Or maybe it’s a bug when having two cards.

Sorry I was wrong. the text is not grey on white. it’s actual black, but a bit smaller

Weird that @San_Francisco you didn’t receive anything in paper form. Here it says that if you don’t change it, it’s in paper form by default.

@Neville I use Android.

Can’t confirm this as well. I have 2 cards and for me in the app (iOS) the setting is still pdf (eBill)

Unfortunately I can confirm. I checked I don’t know how many times, the setting was on “Paper statement deactivated” for all cards. Just when the first statement was issued, the paper statement was magically activated and charged in the statement. Considering that PDF is also available at the same time, it is a pure rip-off!

I activated and deactivated again the paper statement for all cards. Hope it will work.

But I also had lots of troubles with this app. Had to call support twice, both times they erased my account and I recreated it again.


PS: Would never use Swisscard if not for 1%/5% cashback.


Mine was already deactivated without doing anything. I had e-bill already activated.

Also, they only allow you to retrieve statements for 1.5 years, I you need older ones you need to cough up 10CHF and get them in paper format :frowning:

Yes… I keep the cards for special needs (e.g. car rentals) and pay the rest with Revolut …which at least delivers .csv files

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