Swisscard cashback, premium number or regular number for customer service?

I remember looking at the Swisscard cashback card in the past but not going through with them because the customer service line was a premium number that cost 1.-/min.

After the new article on the blog, I checked again… and it seems the number is just a regular number that’s included in all cell phone plants. So which is it? Customer service is free to call, or is it 1.- a minute?

Also wondering if a new customer can stack both the Mr MP 40.- referal code and the one for 100.- cashback on the first Apple Pay use, or if we have to pick on or the other.

Bonus question: the page at mentions a 100.- starting bonus AND a 100.- bonus if we use Apple Pay within the first three months… So is it 200.- total if opening a new account AND using Apple Pay within 3 months?

See screenshot (top of the page):

The starting bonus is 5% cash back for the first 3 months, up to a max. of 100 francs cash back. So it isn’t an outright 100-franc bonus.

I seem to recall them offering a separate invite bonus by which inviter and invited receive a bonus.

The Apple Pay bonus is a statement credit to your credit card account. You get that after charging a purchase to the cashback card via Apple Pay. Make sure to enter the Apple Pay promo code when you apply for the cards or you won’t get the bonus.

Yes, 40.- for each with a referral code.

I just applied but, as far as I could understand, either you use the Apple Pay promo code or the referral code provided by MP.
Did I get it wrong?

That’s my impression as well.

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