Swisscanto Mortgage

Hi all
I have received a good offer for a fixed year mortgage with Swisscanto.
I got the offer through a broker, and wanted to check out the bank online to get a bit of detail but the Swisscanto website only shows it Investment products.Nothing about mortgages
Anyone got any experience of having a mortgage with them?.
Im sure its fine, but just want to know a bit more about Swisscanto before I sign up
Thanks for any help

Could you give us more details: rate, length?

Sure. 5 - 10 year fixed for about 60 bips

Its not so much the details, its just that I cant find anything out about swisscanto and specifically its mortgage business in general.

Just wondered if anyone had any experience before I signed up with them.

Swisscanto is owned by ZKB. They are professional and knowledgeable.

Just 2 points

  • fixed mortfages may become a nuisance when a life event interferes. Per general conditions, you owe all interest until the end.

  • insurance companies have lighter reserve requirements and are therefore usually cheaper, esp. with “good risks”

Thanks Strabor. Good point
Apparently I can take the mortgage with me if I move, or sell on to a buyer. And if i fix longer, 10 years, the rate could even be below 50 bips so would be attractive to a buyer.
But like you say, fixing for a long time does have risks.
Have to have a think.

Yes, if the buyer and the bank are ok with that.

Another point you might consider is that fixed mortgages are often regarded as essentially a bet against the market/the bank. While no one can predict future interest rates, the bank has much more expertise.

Maybe this is of help, should you not already know it:

Thanks again Strabor
My feeling is that rates cannot go any lower, lower than 50 bips and the bank will be paying me to have a mortgage :slight_smile:
so fixing for long term is not a bad idea. The life event point is a good one, but the risk of lower rates cant happen, not materialy anyway i suppose

Why can’t negative interests on mortgages happen?

You may well be true but I personally think that the rates cannot go any higher than 50 bips.

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