Swiss vertical mailbox - where to buy?

Not sure if it’s the right topic here, as it’s not related to finances…or maybe indirectly…but I need to buy mailbox for which I don’t have much space to install. So, looking at this file:, I can say that for my case vertical one would be the best. The problem is I cannot find it anywhere, maybe apart from some companies which are able to build anything you want, but the costs are a bit crazy… (this is where the finances play a role :smiley: ). Thanks in advance for any hints!

Or search for Standbriefkasten.

I used for our house. They work well and still it’s so crazy that these mailboxes are so expensive :crazy_face:

Thank you, I saw this one, the problem is that maximum dimensions I can have are the ones mentioned in the document from the the Post - this one is too big…

Hm… Granted I just skimmed this but I don’t see anything about a maximum anywhere, just a minimum.



Sorry, was not clear enough - those minimum values are the ones I would like to get, as they are close to maximum dimensions I can have.